Add Up Glare To Your Art/Craft/Décor With Crystal Mushroom

Add Up Glare To Your Art/Craft/Décor With Crystal Mushroom

Want to make your statement when it comes to high-quality craftsmanship? Are you looking to personalize your décor with attention-grabbing embellishments? Do you want to strengthen your art with something engaging? If yes, then you need to make better use of crystal mushroom.

When it comes to art/ craft/ décor, they all are important in creating a captivating look and style. People love to differentiate themselves from others. All they need is a compliment while presenting their art or craft in front of others. Crystal mushroom is an embellishment that you can use on your art/ craft/ décor to differentiate yourself from others. This will help you in developing an isolated presence. Apart from décor/ craft, crystal mushrooms can be used in lockets or chains.

What Is A Crystal Mushroom?

Crystal mushrooms refer to the mushroom that is made up of quartz crystals. You can purchase them in various sizes and colors. Different printing techniques include letterpress printing, silk screen printing, offset printing, thermal transfer printing, UV printing, etc. Each printing technique has its benefits and features. You can choose anyone you desire. The option exists to purchase a single mushroom depicting multiple colors. Each mushroom has a height of 20mm and a width of 15mm.

Key Advantages Of Crystal Mushroom

A number of benefits are associated with your crystal mushroom. Some of the key benefits are as follows:


The crystal mushroom is very lightweight, and you can easily take it anywhere you want. It also doesn't add up weight to your embellishment. The weight of a crystal mushroom lies around 4.0 grams. The main reason behind low weight is the low material incorporation in manufacturing. The small size, as mentioned above, also contributes to this scenario.

Glossy Finish

The finish of the crystal mushroom is glossy. This means it reflects the light and develops an incredible shine. You can notice it from far away. This enables you to make your art and craft finer details pop up. You can also use it in branding and advertising templates.


Suppose the available size is not what you need. The option exists to order your crystal mushroom in any size you want. You can also place your order in any color requirement or custom printing. This means you can customize your crystal mushroom in any way you like. You can even add a logo or something special to it to stand out.

Moisture Resistant

Moisture resistance is the capability that you can enjoy with your crystal mushroom. It is a quartz crystal that acts as a solid barrier to water. It does not absorb water. This way, it completely preserves its color and appearance. You can take it out in high humid or rainy weather with complete peace of mind.

Heat Resistance

No matter the temperature outside or where you are subjecting your crystal mushroom. It highly resists greater temperature fluctuations. You don't need to worry about this small embellishment's deterioration in aesthetics and beauty. This feature truly contributes to the longer life of crystal mushrooms.