Before and After Drawer Spice Rack Organization

by Dexdex

Before and After Drawer Spice Rack Organization

If you’ve ever wondered “what is the best spice rack to buy” or “what is the best idea to organize my spices,” look no further! The EASIEST way to organize your spices is in a kitchen drawer, nestled in an expandable spice rack specifically made to fit almost any drawer. Having organized spices in a drawer not only frees up valuable cabinet or pantry space but also makes them super easy to access, saving you tons of time in the kitchen, and is a beautiful way to display your spice collection.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I recently moved from Austin, TX to Rhode Island. We moved from a fairly large, brand new house to a small, not-so-well-updated rental with a teeny tiny pantry, while we try to find a house to buy. So I’ve had to get creative about making my kitchen functional and well organized.

And I’m telling you – this spice rack is LIFE CHANGING. Not only are my spices easily accessible in a drawer right under where I prep most of my food, but not having my spices crowding up my pantry has freed up lots of room in there as well.

…GET THE RECIPE for Before and After Drawer Spice Rack Organization!

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