Caring For Your Garden Furniture

Caring For Your Garden Furniture

It won’t be long until you can start using your garden furniture again. However,  you’ve probably noticed that your furniture is covered in cobwebs, dirt, grime, and everything else that the winter has thrown at it. So, now it is time to give your garden furniture a clean but how do you take care of it the right way?

Timber Furniture

To bring your timber furniture back to life, you will need to use a soft brush and a wood cleaner. Give the furniture a brush over with your brush and then apply the cleaner. You can then give it a rinse off and allow your furniture to dry. It is also possible to create your own cleaning solutions using washing liquid and bleach along with warm water which you then apply to the wood.

Wrought Iron

The great thing about wrought iron furniture is that it doesn’t need the same level of care or maintenance as timber furniture. Sure, it might need repainting from time to time but it won’t rot or fade. So, if you need to give your wrought iron furniture a clean, you can use a soft brush and washing liquid to work away from the dirt and grime. If you want a faster way to remove the dirt, you could always opt to use a Kink-Proof pressure washer. This will blast away the dirt and leave your furniture clean. If you spot any signs of rust or cracking paint then you will need to sand your furniture down and then apply more paint.

Cast Aluminium Furniture

Aluminum is different from iron which means that it won’t rust but it can suffer from pitting. However, this type of furniture is simple to clean and bring back to its best again. You can use a cloth and a brush to remove any dried dirt and dust as well as bird droppings. You can then either hose it down or pressure wash it. If you have noticed signs of pitting, then you can use a water and vinegar solution that can be applied to it using a cloth.

Plastic Furniture

This is probably the easiest to clean and it is the most durable. You can use a hose, a pressure washer and some mild detergent. You will need to use a sponge if you do use a detergent but make sure that you don’t use an abrasive cleaning solution or sponge as this could leave small scratches in the plastic.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is especially popular in gardens but when it comes to cleaning this, you can opt to use a damp cloth and some furniture polish. Again, you can also use a soft brush to brush away any dirt although you need to make sure that you don’t damage the rattan while cleaning. You will need to work into all the crevices where the weaves are, so you might want to use a toothbrush.

So, your garden furniture might need a good clean but this is a job that is quick and easy, especially when you take the right approach.