Possible Causes of A Pressure Washer Surge

Possible Causes of A Pressure Washer Surge

Buying your pressure washer seems like a great idea for anyone who has cleaning projects from time to time. If you have had the experience of cleaning a large space before, you will not want such an experience anymore. Cleaning a large area on your own may be a bad experience, but with a pressure washer, it is an experience you can manage. With a pressure washer, you will clean what you kill in a day within a few hours. More so, you will not need your strength and muscles to scrub and clean the surface.

A pressure washer works with pressure to clean any surface. Although there are other machine components, pressure is the most critical ingredient. As a machine, it is bound for some parts to go wrong for immediate replacement. But when you are not exactly sure about the problem, it can be more annoying. Your pressure washer will not work if it has Inconsistent pressure. The cause of Inconsistent pressure is a pressure surge. When your pressure washer surges, it is frustrating because you can't clean any surface. When a pressure washer surges, there are some common culprits. This guide will go over some of the common causes of a pressure washer surge.

Check the Nozzle

As long as you hear your pressure washer's sound when it works, it means the pump is adding some pressure. If the pump is adding pressure to the water, but your pressure washer isn't delivering the pressured water, then the outlet is the problem. Before a pressure washer cleans any surface, the washer passes through the nozzle. Therefore, when you notice inconsistency in the pressure washer, you should check your nozzle first. The nozzle is possibly the most consistent part of the pressure washer. But with time and the water quality, the nozzle may get bad. Luckily fixing a nozzle is pretty easy. You may need to replace it with a corresponding nozzle or clean it. To clean the nozzle, you need to purchase the cleaner kit and follow the instructions.

The pressure washer unloader

Most people use their pressure washers frequently because it is easy. The frequent usage increases the chances of damages, and sometimes, blockages. The water source for your pressure washer may not be the purest of water. Over time, the dirt in the water may block the pathway of the device. Luckily, pressure washers have a component to reduce blockage known as pressure washer unloaders. When the unloader goes bad, you may experience inconsistency in the machine's pressure. Replacing or repairing a pressure washer unloader requires you to open the device. Hence you need the right tools.

Check the water supply

Pressure inconsistency can be frustrating, and nine times out of ten, we usually suspect a technical issue. However, it is not always technical; your pressure washer may surge because of a dwindling water supply. It is possible that the connection to your water source is shaking. In that case, the water supply will reduce, causing a surge. Therefore, the first thing to check is the source when you experience any surge.


This article has discussed some causes of pressure washer surge. If you ever experience any, you can look through this guide.